Monday, April 8, 2013

Look Who's Four!

At the beginning of the year we started Aliyah in gymnastics.  We had watched gymnastics on the Olympics and she said she wanted to try it but the day of her first class she was crying and didn't want to go.  I started to wonder, maybe she thought she would be high up on the beam or flying across the bars like the Olympic gymnists?  Nick and Noah went along to show her it wasn't scary and after the first few minutes she was fine.  Now she LOVES gymnastics and usually around Wednesday starts asking how many more days until her class on Saturday.

We decided to have her fourth birthday party at her gym and she had a blast.  She got to be the star for the day and do all of her favorite things at the gym.  Four is starting off to be a great year for this very special little girl!

Sunny San Francisco

I finally got around to downloading pictures.  I love this shot of Noah and Aliyah.  They really do get along great and with Aliyah, Noah gets to be a little kid for awhile longer rather than always trying to follow in Nick's foot steps. 

Three kids all looking at the camera and smiling, success!